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Victor Hernandez Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 3.8
This program allows users to read, study and compare different versions of the Bible, as well as to consult various reference books written by reputable Bible scholars, all this from a single, easy-to-use and custmoizable interface.

The basic free program has a built-in version of the Scriptures, but users also can easily download different modules featuring the Bible in several languages and versions, as well as other useful texts such as dictionaries, commentaries, cross-references and more.
Most of these modules are free, although there are some pay-based, whose cost can range from $5 to up to $29.

The free version of the program has some disabled features, such as Search in all Bibles, Search Parameters and others. Also, it shows suggested shareware or pay-based modules to purchase. If you want to activate these features and get rid of the suggestions, you will need to purchase the corresponding program extension to upgrade your application.

There appears to be no new features in the new version other than, perhaps, new downloadable versions and translations. Nevertheless, the problem of the failure of copying more than one verse to the clipboard that has been pointed out in the review of the previous version has been fixed.


  • The core program is free
  • You can download and install many different versions and translations of the Bible, both free and pay-based


  • The program extension, as well as some modules, are not very affordable.

What's new in version 4.0


- You can register PC/Mac version modules by Android product numbers (except PC/Mac program extension).
- Bug fixes.
- Updated Bible translations: KJV, Antoniades, OSHB, WLC, Byz, KorRV.
- New commentary: Burkitt.

Publisher's description

Bible-Discovery is an application that helps people to understand the Bible verses and their original messages. With the help of the dictionaries you can determine the additional specialized meanings of the translated words. By finding more expressive words, you can get more accurate and deeper in the words meaning.

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    Guest Last year

    The Bible application is free while the other resources like Commentary and Bibles somehow need paying after 7 days.

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    Guest Last year

    The Word of G-d should be free, I am upset when I only have 7 days to try this application while I need it to learn the Word of G-d.